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Maintaining a social media presence is instrumental in being found on the web, and as you know, Refyn is being built for precisely that reason; to find results. Searching through the web, the first mention of a service that helps you boost your social media presence is a company called Boostlikes. Boostlikes can (and does) boost Follows for Twitter, Likes for Facebook, Followers for Instagram, and Subscribers for YouTube. They are not a bot service, but a service of advertisements that cater to a large group of people. The boosts are from around the globe and they occur in a “drip-fed” fashion, meaning that they come as they will, over a span of time and not immediately.


A quote from their website, which can be found here:

We’re promoting your page to a large audience of people, and whoever decides to like it will like it on their own free will. We do not compensate users for liking pages, nor to we use bots or employ click-farms like many of our competitors.


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