Artificial Intelligence

Searching words or phrases that relate to the subject-matter will find results, even if the searched words do not exist in the database. For example, ‘sos’ will find survival related results, and ‘advil’ will show ‘pill box’.

Search Everything

Other search plugins search the Title & Meta tags only. Refyn searches everything, from the content to undefined tags & anything that will attract the correct results.

Error Handling

Every search query has a result. There are no surprises with Refyn. It is impossible to have zero results or a “not found.” Unexpected queries will still bring results!

Machine Learning

Refyn has a mind of its own and it gets smarter with each search and result. Find out more about how this works to understand what sets us apart from the competition.

No Indexing

Refyn’s advanced technology has no need for indexing. That means faster speeds, and no index wait times. Refyn finds the results on the spot, in a fraction of the time it takes other search engines.

Automatic Suggestions

A box beneath the search box will appear, tailoring suitable results and recommendations for the user, based on the words typed into the search box.

Sound-As Search

Words that are spelled incorrectly or words that are spelled the way they sound will retrieve relevant results. For example, ‘eyepad’ will find ‘iPad’, and ‘kompass’ will find ‘compass’.

Admin Dashboard

An advanced and easy to navigate admin dashboard. Major sections are separated into tabs and each toggle and radio button has an explanation, describing its function.


  • Default text to show
  • How many characters to type will kick the REFYN
  • Number of results on the prediction window
  • API key
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning dictionary
  • SKU Control
  • Refinement Control
  • Fuzzy level (more fuzzy might return unrelated results) from 0 to 10
  • Product price Control
  • Product Categories Control
  • Exclude Content Control
  • Google Analytics Site Search Integration
  • Search inside the blog post: yes/no
  • Ranking formula control
  • Machine Learning Process
  • Banner Control